A Day in the Life of a York University student

Male narrator:
Living on campus is one of the best decisions I ever made. I’m making friends from all over the world.
Seeing the city, and I’m just a five minute walk away from class. At York Lanes it’s easy to grab lunch,
hang out with friends and drop by York International. Their services have really helped me settle into life in Canada. A couple of days a week I work on campus. It helps me
pay for school and I’m earning Canadian work experience. Female narrator:
I really wanted the advantages of a large university,
but with a small university feel. So I chose Glendon, York’s smaller bilingual campus. There’s so much going on here. I can hang out
with friends, catch a play, see a guest speaker. I’m working on the student newspaper.
And I am always running into my professors. It’s like everything I need is right here, in one amazing place.

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