Like it or not, we’re in the thick of holiday
season! Tis the season for hanging out with your friends and loved ones, exchanging gifts, and getting creative! Just when you thought you’d seen all the
holidays had to offer, We’ve got some super fun and surprising tricks up our sleeve to make your holiday season brighter than it’s ever been before! One of the easiest ways to spread holiday cheer is by adorning your front door with a beautiful wreath! Aw, that looks beautiful, Sophia! Nothing like a little holiday spirit to cheer
up this girl! But when it comes to exterior decor, your favorite embellishments may need a little extra reinforcement. Geez, Mr. Postman, think you could be little
more careful with that? Oh no! What’s this wreath doing on the ground? And it’s broken in half! Oh well, things happen, right? This is going to break Sophia’s heart! I hate to break it to you, girl, but your
wreath is no longer. No! Say it ain’t so, Amy! This is the worst Christmas ever! Hey! Hand over that hanger, I think I have an idea! All I need is a couple of the bad boys and
a little creative thinking! Take a wire hanger and stretch it out like
this. Try to smooth out its corners so it makes
the shape of a circle. If you go around little by little you should
be able to do it. There you go! Next, unhook the top. Take your choice of ornament and string it
onto the wire hanger. You can continue to do this with as many different ornaments as you like in varying shapes and colors. Be sure to slide them over to the end to make room for all the other ornaments you’re putting onto the wire. Look how fabulous it looks! Don’t forget to top it off with a giant
bow. Ta-da! See? I told you I’d fix it! I think I may even like it more than the original
wreath! Let’s go hang it outside, shall we? And since it’s a hanger, it can hang right
onto the knocker, no muss, no fuss! That mail man better watch it with those newspapers
tomorrow! Alright, my last gift is officially wrapped
and ready to be received! Phew! All this wrapping sure has me working up an
appetite. And now for a very welcome caffeine jolt. Oh hey, Sophia’s calling! What’s up, you guys? Amy! Are you ever coming to the holiday party or what? Five more minutes and I’m heading out the
door, okay? I’ve been so busy wrapping presents I totally
forgot to get ready for the party! Say, I wonder if these things would look as
fabulous in my hair as they do on the tree… Oh yeah, things are definitely about to get
festive up in here. Need some fun holiday hair? Start by covering a coke bottle with your
hair on the top of your head like this. The goal is to completely hide the bottle. Now tie your hair on top with an elastic. Start decorating your “hair tree” with
some wire twinkle lights like these! Since they bend in place, you can easily manipulate
them to twist around your hair. Next come the ornaments! Simply attach them to bobby pins and push
them into your hair like so. You can use as many or as few as you want. Alright, Amy, any more of those and you’ll
topple over! And last but not least, give your hair a tree
topper with a cute little bow. Make sure it’s nice and secure on there. It looks great but you could still use a little
extra sparkle. Some matching ornament earrings will do! And there you have it! The perfect holiday hair-do! There’s something special about spending
time at home during the holiday season. It’s a great time to relax and get lost
in a good book. But you kinda need some working lightbulbs
for that. Let’s see here, looks like we’ve got a
dead bulb on our hands. Yep, it’s a gonner. Huh? Off to the trash you go. No!! Somebody stop that lightbulb! Phew! This lightbulb still has some purpose in this
world, especially during Christmas time! If you have a dead lightbulb, you can turn
it into a stunning ornament! Start by wrapping some thick, red ribbon around
it like so. Once that’s secure, take a washer like this
and put it right over the base of the bulb. Perfect fit. Now draw in little eyes with a back marker
right onto the glass. Is this starting to look familiar? Yep! It’s your very own mini-snowman! See? Isn’t he just the cutest? Aw! I can’t believe I almost threw that little guy away! That just goes to show you, one person’s
trash is another person’s snow man. Woah! What’s all this? Oh, there’s a note. Sophia, bake cupcakes please, Amy. Looks like Netflix will have to wait! I’m playing master chef tonight! Better protect my outfit with this adorable
apron. There we go. Okay, let’s see what we’re working with
here. Looks like we’ve got eggs, oil, a mixing
bowl. Well, since i don’t follow recipes, I think I’ll use a little extra brown sugar for this batch. Now for the eggs. And for dramatic effect, I’ll crack them
this way! Perfection! Ooh, I’d better mix this all together. I think I need a little something extra… Sprinkles! A pinch perhaps? POW! Okay, now what should I do? I know! Why don’t I mix my two favorite things together? Oh yeah, this is gonna be good. Open up a clear ornament and spray paint the
inside with sparkling spray. Don’t be afraid to get plenty of it in there. Once that’s done, take your sprinkles and
pour a good amount in. Try to get as many to stick to the plastic
as you can. You can move around the ornament to make sure
to cover as much space as possible. Keep tipping it around and around so that
all the sprinkles can stick to the plastic. Make sure to repeat the process on the other
side as well. Reattach the ornament halves and find some
string to tie to them. Leave some space below your knot so you can
hang the ornament. There you go! Yep, that’s sprinkle-rific, alright! Uh, Sophia? What’s going on in here? Where are all the cupcakes I asked you to
make? I dunno, but look how cool this ornament is! Step aside, Sophia, there’s a new chef in
town. While she slaves away in the kitchen, I’m
hanging my new ornament on the tree! Pretty festive, don’t you think? Wow! Look how gorgeous the tree turned out this year! Gah! Suddenly everything in my house looks plain and boring! No tinsel? No lights? What a bummer. I guess I’ll just have to decorate some
more! Luckily, I saved all my decor from last year
under my bed. Geez, it’s awfully heavy! Phew! Let’s pop that sucker open and see what
we’re dealing with here! It looked like the sparkle monster threw up
in here! Let’s see, I’ve got my tinsel… A giant candle? And a leftover Christmas napkin? Oh! I know exactly what I can do with all this random holiday stuff! If you have a cute paper napkin like this, open it up and peel back the top, removing the lower layers. Be sure to do this carefully so that you don’t
tear the decorative part. Now put the napkin with the print side up. Take your candle and put it right on top of
the print and roll it up. Next, use a blowdryer to blow warm air on
top of it. You can do this for a few minutes or so. Woah! The print is starting to meld with the melting wax! And before you know it, you’ll have your
very own homemade Christmas candle! Now this will definitely make the room feel
more in the holiday spirit! Try this trick out with a bunch of different
holiday napkins for a full candle set! During the holidays, there are two kinds of
people. If you’re anything like Sophia, you bend over backwards trying to get your home in tip top shape for the holiday season. Or you’re more like Amy and like to sit around and enjoy the relaxing time of year, stress-free. Phew! I’m totally exhausted from all this cleaning and decorating! Amy?! Have you just been sitting here on your phone this entire time? Sometimes, if you want things to get done,
you simply must delegate. I hope you were looking at table setting ideas on Instagram because this table is on you now! Ugh, why is she always so dramatic? Setting the table doesn’t have to be that
big of a deal! Just put whatever you’re going to use on
it and poof! You’re done! Now, back to the important stuff. AMY! Are you trying to kill me?! I know! Looks great, right? Now listen up, because I’m going to teach
you a very valuable lesson in table decor. Lay out a cloth napkin flat on the table like
this. Fold it into fours and turn it so it’s a
diamond shape. Grab the top layer at the corner and fold
it downward, stopping at the middle. Keep doing this with all the layers, folding
it at a higher point each time. Now turn the whole thing over and fold each
side down so it makes the shape of a triangle. Begin tucking each corner into the fold above
it. It’s starting to look like something familiar,
isn’t it? Yep, you’ve made yourself a Christmas tree
napkin! Isn’t this cute? You can even stick a little twig in at the
bottom. And pomegranate seeds too look like ornaments! Don’t forget a star for the top! Now the table really looks fit for a holiday
feast! See Amy? That’s how it’s done! Wow! That was seriously impressive, Sophia! Now, when is all the yummy food you cooked
gonna be ready? The holidays wouldn’t be fun without a few
laughs! Check out these hilarious outtakes for a good
chuckle! Share these fun Christmas ideas with your family and friends and don’t forget to subscribe to 123 Go’s Youtube page for more videos like this one! Happy holidays, everyone!

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