Day in the Life of a Japanese Housewife in Tokyo


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  2. Next time you should do “Day in the life of a foreigner living in Japan,” or “Day in the life of an international student living in Japan.”

  3. 3:30 Wait, so there is demographic crisis in Japan and STILL not enough kindergartens? Damn, Japanese government not stepping up on this, huh.

  4. Very nice video Poalo, keep up the good work!! We all enjoy watching all your vids, waiting for more of such stuff!!!

  5. I love these videos but i wonder why the baby wasn't having a midday sleep? She clearly needed it after the big play at the park. Its so interesting how different kids' routines are the world over. In Australia, a 2yr old or even up to a 4 yr old would have a midday sleep for an hr or 2 then afternoon tea, playing till dinner and be tucked up in bed by like 8pm. Mums day would start at the same time too but she definitely wouldn't be catering to her husband as much as Japanese women do LOOOL. Thanks for showing us these vids, they're so interesting and Karin was a darling. I love her personality.

  6. I'm 32 and DEFINITELY need me some of those cute Edison chop sticks. I can NOT get legit ones to work no matter how hard i try lmfao

  7. My asian parent never bought me a phone, I literally save up money for more than a year to actually get one lol

  8. Is 10 pm pretty normal to put a 3 year old to bed there? Just curious:) I feel like where I'm from they probably go to bed around 7 ish pm

  9. I used phone for the first time when I was 10 years old🙄(playing snake n leaders etc) and that's also for 30 minutes …ha ha and I am very proud of it

  10. Great, now it's even more depressing to compare our western women to theirs. Binge drinking, 27 sexual partners by the age of 22, drugs and feminism. When did it all went so wrong? I've seen 25y old girls that look way older than this Housewife.

  11. Why in gods name to people care about what a housewife is doing in japan? I like the other videos of engineers, programmers, artists, consultants etc.

  12. Non-Japanese people were so outraged in the last video. That he had to film this one. So the mob would quiet down. What a day and age of armchair complaining.

  13. its true that you can learn from youtube I learn to speak english not because of youtube its also because of its a second language in my country so yeah its really cool that you can learn english in youtube lolol I even picked up an accent lmao

  14. 7:34 In the Netherlands it is normal to have kids on the front and the back on a bike. Not on a special mom's bike, but just on a regular bike.

  15. Did Karin probably watched this video as well? 😅😅 and she be like "Mama look! I'm on YouTube!"

  16. I liked this video. I feels so relaxing with japanese homes.
    I remember first time I went to Japan I was shocked that the mother of my friend did everything at home… that is not the norm in my country

    I don't understand this "giving phone to baby/children" thing… they watch the phone way to close and doesn't really know how to take care of an expensive item. This was her old phone though but I don't think children are ready or understand the use of a phone, I mean most adults don't even understand.

  17. karin is the most adorable thing i've ever seen, so pure and innocent! also the mom is doing a great job at raising her, i really like her 'i dont conform to how other kids are raised' value 🙂 ps: the mom actually looks so young wtheck? and she has perfect complexion, damn !

  18. Very inspirational every time i watch ur video.Thank u making a beautiful from India😀🇮🇳

  19. I just watched the movie "Housewife 2010 and it was not fun to watch but at least it wasn't bad as A Serbian Film.

  20. I would love to see a day in the life of a Japanese house husband. for many decades it was not seeing as a normal thing in Japan. I have heard that that social Norm is now changing and househusbands are slowly becoming a normal thing. Especially single fathers. That would be an awesome thing to see as a day in the life series.

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