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So, Ben… Yes. ..what made you decide to get
a hair transplant? Well, what it was was I was
receding, and then, gradually, as I got older, it really affected my confidence, and mental health, it started
to depress me. What age did you start
receding from? I could tell probably from 19
that I was starting to go thin at the sides. Well, we have a picture
here of how you used to look. Yeah. So, that must have been quite hard
at a young age to have receded like that? Was that just, like…? Really just knocked your confidence?
Yeah, it did. I wasn’t happy within myself. It was a miserable time. How did that affect relationships
you had? I was actually… ..on online dating websites, and someone actually turned around
and said, “Oh, you’re nice-looking, “but I thought you had hair.” So, that was like the iceberg
for me. Um… That’s when, like, five weeks later
I said to me parents, “I’m booking a hair transplant.” Then five weeks later, I flew
to Turkey. What did you pay for it in Turkey?
About 1,900 to 2,000. And how many follicles did
you have taken from the back into the front? I had… I think it was three
and a half I was meant to have, but I think he ended up
giving me 4,000. OK, so we have a photo,
post-surgery. Obviously, you’ve less hair there. Yeah. And was it painful, cos your
head looks a little bit scabby? It was more painful, the ache, lying
in the chair, like on the table. That was… But it hurt a bit that evening. I remember feeling
a bit throbby, but once the painkillers kicked in,
it was absolutely fine. I mean, your hair looks amazing now. Yeah, I’m a bit jealous.
THEY LAUGH Pretty brave to talk about the fact
that it did have an impact on your mental health. I think you
used the word depressed, didn’t you? Yeah. You said you were quite
depressed. Has it affected any of your mental health? I wouldn’t say it’s affected my
mental health, but it definitely affected my confidence. So, what about what Ben said about,
you know, people online on dating websites, perhaps saying,
“Yeah, yeah, great, “but I need someone with hair”? Have any of you ever felt kind of
knocked back, or maybe you haven’t even approached someone, because
you’re not feeling confident about
your hair? I feel more comfortable approaching a girl if I’ve got a hat on. She can’t see my hairline. But I wear hats all year round,
like, not just
the summer, wintertime. Even if it’s cold outside
and it’s raining or it’s snowing, I’ll put a hat on, and I’ll put my
hood up. Like, I will just always wear a hat. So, if I was to get this procedure,
and it was to go well, definitely wouldn’t wear a hat
as much. That hat, at some point, is going to
come off, isn’t it? It does, but then I just rely on…
I’m just… My mind-set there is…I’ll just charm her, and then when I take the hat off,
it’s not too bad. How did it affect your confidence? Like, obviously it affected it
badly, but after you had
the transplant? Oh, it was like a new lease on life,
especially when I started to get thicker. The confidence grew with
the months as the hair grew longer and thicker. Dating-wise, it completely
changed the other way. Has it been an issue with you,
approaching people? Yeah, but I think it comes down to,
like, confidence sometimes, doesn’t it? Has Bradley got kind of good
game or…? Have you noticed his confidence? Apart from his rubbish
dancing, yeah. I would say… I would say, yeah, he’s confident. Like, if we’re going to, you know, out shopping then I’ll just stick a cap on. It’s much easier than messing
about with my hair. And especially when you’ve not
got much of it, but no. Ben, do you have any advice
for our surgery-seekers? Um, just if you want to do it,
just go for it. It’s like a life-changing
decision for me. I don’t ever think about it now. I worry about what hairstyle to
have, more than anything else. So..

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