I Had A Baby • Hannah’s Birth Story


  1. As someone who's been following her videos for 2 or so years now, this made me really emotional. Congrats hannah and matt! Im so happy for you guys and hope the baby stays healthy!

  2. Induced labor is so painful and I know this because my mother had to go along with the induced labor when birthing me cause she fell and they couldn't tell if I was okay or not. She said it was the quickest and most painful birth she had gone through

  3. Every parent Your gonna want to have kids when you get older!
    pretty much explains this video But it was so worth it.
    Me: 0_0 How about…no.

  4. Not to self: do not eat pickles with orange juice. I just projectile vomited all over my room and I am currently having diarrhea

  5. Yes the induction can't start without you but it messes everyone's else's schedule and they all made sure to be there on time. Because it also doesn't happen without them.

  6. The only thing I remember from giving birth is the anesthesiologist messed up my epidural 3 times before calling the head anesthesiologist. 😣 And holding my breath and pushing so much without a break in between that my lungs felt like they were on fire.

  7. No lie on the contractions get hella worse after they manually break your water thing. I puked and dry heaved every time I got a contraction until they gave me an epidural.

  8. Apparently when my mom had me it took too long so towards the end of the labor (the most painful part) the epidural started to wear off. So it went from bearable to the worst so fast.

  9. I’ve recently experienced two miscarriages, and in all honesty your videos give me so much hope and motivation. It helps remind me that a beautiful family is the end result and makes everything so worth it. Congratulations on your rainbow baby!

  10. I was induced at 40 wks and 5 days, and having water broken after having contractions for 6 hrs without dialation, its going from 0 to 100 in 60 seconds. I labored an hr without epidural, but i got one and then labored for 4 hrs and then pushed for 2.5 hrs with little progress, then one big push got my son's head out and the rest of him followed. Yep literally 2+ hrs of just pushing his head. Healthy 9lbs 1 oz, 22in long and 14in head. I'm 5'3" so he was just squished lol

  11. At least you had your husband beside you the whole time. My hubby kept going in and out the labor room because he was panicking. My doctor said I had to push during contractions but had very short ones even when they induced me which made it a lot harder. Since I was having a hard time to push my mom decided to leave me too so I was panicking. I wanted it to be over so I just pushed the baby even after my contraction. Didn't get the option to get epidural so I was in a lot of pain but I managed to deliver my first baby boy. Am very happy and now he's almost 1years old. I hope that everything goes well with you and your family.

  12. I am not a Mother myself but I do love hearing about Child birth, it is a beautiful concept to me…Congratulations to your family and everyone else who has a growing family to come…Take Care

  13. I was the same at 4cm dilated, just chilling like alrighty let’s go 🤣 and yes the contractions are so intense after the bag of fluid is broken, it’s insane.

  14. So interesting watching your induction vs mine. I have 2 nurses at all times (best nurses i have ever had) i was allowed to eat, i was told to keep moving, i had these awesome monitors that were wireless, and my nurses and doctors watched my contractions in till my body took over and then they backed me off in till i wasnt on the pitocin anymore and my body did it by itself. But watching you labor and contract made me have sympathy pains.

  15. Congratulations!! Awesome that u shared that! I felt for u.. My birth (17 yrs ago) was HORRIBLE.. We almost didn't both live through it, my body wanted nothing to do with it, it was rough. And yes, having ur water popped is the uckiest feeling ever I think. God Bless u all! Glad ur both safe, happy, and healthy! He's SO cute!

  16. Fun fact : women actually forget the pain of child birth a few months after they give birth. That’s why they decide to have more children

  17. Gave birth to my son on boxing day 2019. I was sick (peeing out my butt and uncontrollable vomiting) went in xmas day at 930pm. Was 1 cm at 10pm. Went for a 30 min walk, as per nurse request. Got checked again right after my "walk" and was 4cm. Got admitted to L&D. His heart rate was going dangerously low so they broke my water at 2:38am dec 26th at 5 cm. At 3:11am (same day) he was born. Hospital said it was the fastest vaginal delivery they ever seen there. (Hisnheart had lowered to 40 so had to push fast and was almost wheeled to OR. But he was already crowning and no epidural as he came too quickly.

  18. jackson and wyatt meeting henry made me sob i’m so happy for you and your whole family!!! congratulations, i can’t wait to get to know henry 🙂

  19. I love you so much Hannah! I'm expecting my first child and you know them hormones. As soon as he was born I was sobbing! Thank you for sharing your harrowing and beautiful moment with us! 💗

  20. So, having a Mexican mom, me and all my siblings were born naturally with no anesthesia. I want to follow her ways, as she calls it, the "Mexican way"; but I'm high key scared. I still have so many years until I want to have a child, but imagining the pain is really getting to me.

  21. I had my baby boy and i feel ur pain but he had his cord whrapped around his neck three times they got it off and my mom cut the cord

  22. My wife and I are looking into adoption but I can’t help but want to know the experience of being pregnant and giving life to a baby. I understand the need for adoptive parents but I just don’t know if that feeling of wanting to be pregnant will ever go away.

  23. I just had my first baby in December, and my labor/delivery did not go as planned either. Happy to say we are both healthy and thriving now though! So glad you are too!

  24. Hannah: It’ll be okay. The epidural will kick in before I give birth.
    Epidural: Imma about to end this man’s whole schedule.

  25. This is a new born baby you need to be gentle with it, a baby's bone is very fragile and the people are manhandling the baby picking it up like a little girl would a puppy, this is so wrong and I can't even believe that that the baby is without and broken bones

  26. God I totally know what you went through with the epidural! I have 3 babies and 2 of the epidurals I had did NOT work! But there is no shame in getting one, I've had 3 and I now have 3 beautiful babies. ❤

  27. So precious! I had an emergency c-section last week for my twins. Definitely wasn’t my plan of a vaginal delivery. I also had to get 4 pints of blood and stay in the hospital 5 days. Never try to plan something you don’t seem to have full control over! I’ve learned my lesson! You have a beautiful family!

  28. Hannah getting ready for her labor, showing up late to the hospital, then eating when she’s not supposed to is literally the best thing I’ve ever witnessed.

  29. I just know I’m gonna have problems when/if I have a baby when I’m older because I normally get anything that can go wrong…

  30. You’re still so sweet and polite during labor. I literally don’t remember asking for my epidural with my son. I did laughing gas with my daughter until they said it was the last minute to get an epidural and i got scared and said give it to me.

  31. I had my baby on the 31st of January and they broke my water when I was 1cm dilated. It was the worst pain I've ever experienced 😭

  32. In Ontario Canada if you are late on an induction day or have eaten after midnight they often bump your induction day. Just fyi to my fellow Canucks.
    Also.. Never would i chose an induction of naturally going into labour if no reason to. Induction SUCKS

  33. ohhh the way he held her hand. It felt like it was totally worth it and she already forgot about the pain she went through.

  34. My due date was dec.9 2k19 went to my checkup at the doctors around mid November. They ended up finding protein in my urine and my blood pressure was over normal, got sent to the hospital for monitoring things weren’t getting better and I was diagnosed mild preeclampsia the doctor said we were looking to induce at the end of the week (it was Monday when hospitalized) if everything stays normal if not earlier. I was 36 weeks pregnant. Had to spend a few days in the hospital they still planned for Sunday to be induced so I was discharged since my blood pressure wasn’t too bad with the medication they prescribed me and I was also getting I think magnesium drip the whole time. Went home on Thursday came back Friday morning for monitoring things were still not okay so ended up getting half a pill to dilate my cervix then again on Saturday morning and then Sunday the synthetic oxytocin drip and then after 2 hours of contractions I decided on the epidural when I was 3cm then I finally was able to sleep for an hour and then when I woke up I was 9cm almost 10and ready to have the baby , my son came out in like 10pushes it was pretty easy after the epidural couldn’t feel a thing lol but couldn’t go home until 3 days after delivery due to baby have jaundice. My birth was easy but the whole time in the hospital I was miserable , I had a catheter the entire time because the magnesium messes with your muscles so you can’t walk , so bedridden I didn’t eat for 3 days I also had gestational diabetes so I had to get my blood sugar checked and every few hours blood
    Viles draw.. not only that but I’ve had to get my IV needle done 4 times because they messed up twice and those hurt 🙁 so I almost spent like 2 weeks there could hardly sleep couldn’t get up to walk or anything extremely uncomfortable I was a human pincushion ! But everything is always worth it for your baby . But not to mention it was my first and probably last lol with the luck I have

  35. Am I the only one that didn’t feel a thing during labor I didn’t feel the baby come out or anything no pressure i was there just chilling on the bed the whole time not in pain I probably pressed the epidural button to many times lol????.? I was induced for high blood pressure

  36. Hannah: I let my kids pick…..
    Jackson: I want that….
    Wyatt: I WANT THAT

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