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Oh no..Power cut let’s check lighter & Candle lighter is here but where’s the candle ok lets use Crayon Are you you gonna show these types of hacks on Anaysa…. I’ve just tried it dear We’ll show you Safety & Survival Hacks on Anaysa hit LIKE to this video & SUBSCRIBE to the channel so let’s start with our first hack I wanna go for loo where’s my bag?? thats stolen how irresponsible you are.. busy on your mobile all the time why don’t you follow my hack which hack? wrap your bag straps on the the seat like this so that its bag isn’t be out easily and you’ll be alert your hack is good but that was my favourite bag…now lets go to the police station tell me which one was that I’ll buy it for you you need to follow this Sanitise your hand after catching any auto and also use the phone after wiping it too so be Careful & alert if you get caught up in this type of situations in public places always follow my hack instead of bending yourself…you can lift your stuff sitting in a Squat position get up I’ve changed the bed sheet today and you’ll spread virus infection everywhere so what…may I stop sleeping keep your footwear at its place wash your hands & face well and change your clothes then lay on the bed Anishka pls pass that Nail paint don’t touch her directly use any wooden stuff to separate or drop the MCB nearby if any then check the pulse of the effected person & if there’s any problem immediately call the doctor I don’t want it,..don’t you see how virus is spreading first listen …the virus stays only for 10 hours on clothes and for 11 hours on other stuffs and this must have taken I think 8 days to import so there’s no chance of virus on it and still if you’ve doubt…keep all that Made in chine stuff in sunlight for 2 hours I think that virus has entered in you now you too stay here in sunlight for two hours


  1. Coronavirus ke preventive measures main bachpan se hi try kar rahi ho…. Muje laga tha shayad muje OCD hai…. But thankGOD, jo bi hai acha hai😊…. Hygienic

  2. I want to make a request to u : plz can u make video of , how to grow nails easy and fast and long . Please

  3. Please aap log kuch dino ke liye video mat banaye first you take care of your health this Corona virus is very dangerous

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