Polish Television Presents PLAYlNG FOR HlGH STAKES The Big Spill Screenplay: Music: As Lieutenant Kloss: Featuring: Director of photography: Executive producer: Yes. Thank you. General , the 800m tests have
ended favourably. Thank you.
Congratulations. – This is a real success.
– Thank you, General. The most important is done. Now you must start the industrial
production as soon possible. Every day counts. l shall personally
inform the Fuhrer of your success. – Are we going back to the factory?
– Yes. Aren’t you glad? lf l knew that my tank could hasten
the end of the war by even one day. You no doubt meant, if the tank were
to hasten our victory by even a day. Victory? lsn’t the end
of the war a victory in itself? You’re right. The end of the war
can only mean our victory. lf l didn’t like you so much,
l’d be ready to think that.. . l’m testing you?
No. Men such as yourself are measured
by their achievements. Really? And if l designed tractors
or dock cranes.. . Hold on. .. – The Mayer dock crane, that’s you?
– l’d forgotten by now. – Are you interested in dock cranes?
– ln ’41 l was to defend my diploma. And now you’re defending european
civilisation. .. Thank you. – Hans, may l consider you a friend?
– l would be pleased. Tell me the truth,
how was it in Hamburg? lt’s very important to me.
My wife and child are there. The English and the Americans
bombed it but that’s nothing, our anti-aircraft defences
are excellent. You don’t want to tell me?
Then it’s true. .. l’d like to do something. Please give me your exact address.
The names of your parents, wife and child. l’ll try to
get through using the military lines. My duty is to guarantee the peace of
mind of a great German scientist. Please write, Hamburg.
Williamstr. 1 2… Thank you.
And you? l’l l be here in half an hour, l
have to drop by my place first. – We’l l have a game, won’t we?
– You’ll beat me as usual. Let’s go. Come on in, officer. Everything’s alright. Tel l Zuzanna
l’ll take care of the factory myself. Especially since l’m assigned to
the protection of the prototype. l managed to get my hands on
Mayer’s construction plans. l even took pictures. But there isn’t enough time
for sabotage. Bombing is imperative.
Between the end of testing. .. and the dismantilng of the tank.
l’l l try to provide the exact date. l’l l transmit.
Contact through me, or my mother. And now cry out. You’re entitled to it, after all,
you’re in a dentist’s chair. Let me see that. That upper three’s
real ly getting bad. – You’ll have to come see me.
– Nothing doing, l’m scared. l’ll ask you in, in a second. Wait a moment. Give. Alright. Please. – You’ve kept me waiting.
– l went to headquarters. There should be some news from
Hamburg by Thursday. l’m afraid that’s too late.
l’ll be gone by Thursday. Maybe l’l l be able to hasten it.
When are you leaving? The transport leaves on Wednesday. They started dismantling it an hour
ago. They should be ready tonight. .. – and Thursday morning. …
– l’l l try to do something. What did you do with the folder
you took from my car? The plans of the tank?
lt’s in the safe. You didn’t look inside? – l don’t understand.
– You wil l in a second. We both made a terrible mistake.
Fortunately, we trust each other. The plans of the tank are here. l can give you my word, that
as soon as l realised the mistake. .. – Operation Lightning…
– Yes. The codename of an attack against
the resistance. l’d rather not think what could
happen if it fell into the wrong.. . You forget that my plans are worth
much more to the enemy. Don’t let’s haggle.
l must bid you farewell . – Then we won’t have a game?
– Unfortunately. Agent J-23 will personally take
care of the factory. The plans of Mayer’s prototype
are known. lnside sabotage is out
of the question. Bombing of the object vital. Repeat: Bombing of the object vital. Between end of tests… and distmantling. The date will be specified in a
separate report. This is a list.. . Of forest bandit group activity.
Working for London and Moscow. l won’t hide that their activities
rose after the Stalingrad tragedy. Emergence of bandit groups is noted
in squares F5, H1 , C3. Traces of their presence in squares
H1 , H2, H4.. . where thre had been no
incidents before. The matter is clear, gentlemen,
indulgence has made them bolder. Smal l regional actions have not
brought the expected results. There stands before us the necessity
of more concentrated efforts. The next weeks shall be spent on
cleaning up our back yard. Today’s meeting,
is a discussion of the best methods, needed to fulfil l the task of
the police and. .. Thank you, Brunner. Security forces in our district. Agents’ reports confirm our radio
localisation. There are two, or three sabotage
groups operating in our district. We have managed to locate
one of these. lf we haven’t eliminated it yet, it is only to permit our agent to
establish their outside contacts. lf l understood correctly,
Sturmbannfuhrer. You have an inside agent
in their ranks. Even we succeed sometimes,
not only the Abwehr, Kloss. l’l l withold my congratulations
until the whole operation’s over. No bickering please, gentlemen. Elimination of these forest groups,
especially the most dangerous. .. – Hans, how about a little poker
– You’ll be at Mrs. Kobus’ tonight? The whole lot,
she promised lots of drink. Shame. – You can’t? A heart problem?
– Worse. – The boss packed me into that
– Yes, l heard something. Testing a new tank, aren’t they? You…don’t you try to squeeze
military secrets out of me. See how it gets into your blood? Brunner.
Could you stop interrupting me? Hands up! So? – They’re rich, l checked.
– How much? 1 0’000 zlotys,
a thousand dollars. l like round figures. The count wants to pay,
but he can’t. You know as well as l do. She’s completely innocent,
of no danger to you. My guests are getting impatient.
l’ll be right back. Good evening. And where
have you lost your friend Kloss? l had to close down the dentist’s. Without my order? After three weeks observation, you
blow the whole thing? Who taught you
that? Or perhaps you’ve tired of this
peaceful town? Perhaps you long for the
Russian cold? There was no other way. My men noticed a musician in
the square below. At one point someone threw
him a coin. From the same window. They went after him.
They wanted to know where he’d go. They rightly suspected something
might be written on the paper. But the boy who was with
the musician, must have spotted them ,
because he took it out of his pocket. Stopped, and put a match to it. They came to the conclusion that
there was no time to waste. .. What has that to do with closing
the dentist’s? That brat escaped and only one
sentence was salvaged. .. .” Janek says, transport 1 23 of
the armoured divi.. .”. That’s it. And the musician? When they started shooting at the
brat, he shouted something to him. When my men closed in,
he was no longer alive. Your imbeciles did a fine job. They
let a little brat and blind man escape. The blind man escaped, understood?
He just insolently escaped. – l’l l go to the resistance.
– Alright. Eat now. – So?
– Nothing. Too late. So Filip.. .? We’re moving out. The whole thing’s over. Filip was the only one who could
contact Janek. Kloss, you look like a real
freedom fighter. lf Geibel has good spies,
l won’t have too much trouble. My Polish is above suspicion.
l’ll say l’m from Pomerania. But they don’t acceptjust anyone
who turns up. l’ll go armed.
You think they have many armed
men? And at the first opportunity,
l’ll disappear. You’re going at your own risk. lf you
succeed, your promotion’s certain. Hans. l know you’re not doing this
for the promotion. l understand. ..l didn’t intend to
bless you, Hans. l’ll try to come back.
l think l can be of further use. Goodbye. Brunner! What have you done to him? Are you
just a stupid oaf, who only knows how
to hit? Get out! Please sit down. – l’m sorry.
– What? We can’t choose our men.
Cigarette? l’d like to talk with you, but
perhaps you don’t feel up to it? Maybe you’d like to put this off
until tomorrow? l don’t like violence. l wouldn’t want to hand you over
to my subordinate again. l myself prefer reasonable talks. Between reasonable people. Are you reasonable, doctor? – Yes.
– l’m glad. – Your name?
– Sokolnicki. Jan Sokolnicki. Then you aren’t reasonable.
l haven’t lost hope though. l stil l l haven’t lost hope. You don’t give us enough credit,
Mr. Sokolnicki… l’m sorry. .. Mr. Filipiak. Jozef Filipiak,
born the 9th of May, 1 900. Sentenced in 1 922 to four years for
communist activities. Next sentenced in 1 936, eight years. Party pseudonym, ” Comrade Filip”. ls that correct? My name is Jan Sokolnicki. We both know there is no Sokolnicki. Your lD is forged.
Why be stubborn? Personal ly, l feel respect for
a defeated enemy. Let’s not lie to one another. Things found during the search
of your office.. . l don’t know anything. l only
rented the place for a few hours. We’re not children, Mr. Filipiak. lf you give us the names of your
informers, we’l l give you a chance. Even though you fought against us.
Where are the radio transmitters? l don’t know. Who provided you the information
about our troop movements? l don’t know. Who’s Janek? ln that case we have to move our
advance posts even further, let’s say the Wojtowka-Dabrowa line. Report al l German movements,
even the slightest, at once. Announce a general alert.
And get the men ready. We might have to move at any
moment. l’m going to contact the AK. Until my return,
Grzegorz is in command. Zenek and Wojtek are coming with
me. Let me leave now. Am l a German to be held
against my will? Commander, people in Kielce are
waiting for this meat. The stuffs starting to stink.
Let me go, wil l you? – Get the hell out of here!
– Thank you so much. The other room, don’t you dare
leave the house! l won’t say it again ! – So then, Rudzinski?
– l brought milk. Are you off? Maybe. You think the Krauts won’t learn
you stayed here? Any cur’ll sell me off for
a few zlotys. – Come with us then Rudzinski.
– l don’t know. l’m old. l haven’t budged from here in forty
years. Won’t you let this Zajac go? l wouldn’t let you leave.
lf no one, then no one. – He’s your family?
– What family. Brother-in-law. Went into meat. l have to go now, but if you make
your mind up and want to come.. . l’ve made up my mind. – Stop. Who’s there?
– Friend. Hands up! – Password?
– Kielce. What have you got to tell me? Leave me with him. Who’s he? You can speak freely, just a boy,
anyway, he’s sound asleep. – l want to speak with Bartek.
– l’m replacing him. – How did you know the password?
– Mr. Koziolek sent me. Alright. That you can discuss only with
Bartek. He should be back soon. – l have to talk to him before midnight.
– l understand. Please wait. Get back to your posts.
Cal l Marta. – You don’t have to shout, what is it?
– We have a guest. He’s waiting for Bartek, he wants
to see him before midnight, get it? What if he isn’t back by midnight. l’d hide that if l were you.
Geibel has his people in the woods. – We’re practically on our way.
– This is Marta. Janek. Sit down. l have some
things to arrange. Sick? No. Tired. He had a hard day,
he nearly got caught. Geibel’s men are in the forest? – What did you mean by that?
– Exactly what l said. l can’t believe that one of us… You’re still on about that? l never said it was one of you. Maybe it’s al l a bluff. We have other problems.
Can’t we send someone for Bartek? – Where are you off to?
– l’l l be right back. l have to see Bartek before
midnight, do you know why? l can guess. lf l were indiscreet.. l’d ask how you can afford these
five-mark cigars? And if l were indiscreet? Luckily, we’re both discreet. But that won’t help us much in
Filipiak’s case. We have to get something out of
him before we send him to Warsaw. The Gruppenfuhrer should
understand. ln your place, l wouldn’t count on the
Gruppenfuhrer’s understanding. Although he congratulated us
about Wolf. l feel like laughing each time l recal l
what you cal led this fellow, Wolf. That’s a good one. Jokes won’t help us much. ln any
Wolf has done his job well. He’s got experience.
He took part in the Polish defence. And we.. .thought too little of it. lf we had taken a closer look at
that dentist’s, we could have caught something
more. But to barge in there after a few
hours’ surveillance, isn’t good work. – l don’t think l have to tell you that.
– We didn’t get anyone else? That Wolf has to sniff around
some more. That’s what he’s doing. l swear to God l had a good look. l swear to God l had a good look. You’re sure. – The matter’s clear.
– Franek, don’t you dare shoot.. . Unless… We’l l go meet Bartek. ln a moment. l want
a few more words with our guest. – lt’s him . lt’s the German.
– Papers! Have you gone mad, Grzegorz.
What’s all this about? l’m waiting for… Bartek.
That should be enough for you. Search him. l’m waiting for Bartek.
And l advise you to do the same. Search him thoroughly. All German civilian, military,
police authorities are asked.. . to give Oberleutnant.. . Hans Kloss. .. any assistance he demands during
the course of his special assignment. Signed Rhode-Colonel. We’l l put that on your grave. What have you got to say? What l said.
l have to see Bartek. What’s a special assignement? Everything’s clear,
we have to dig a hole. Take him down to the cel lar and
keep your eye on him.. . Only don’t you dare without
an order. .. Without my order! As you wish,
but in your place l’d. .. You’re right.
We have to wait for Bartek. He wanted to see him,
and before midnight. Something doesn’t fit here. After all ,
the Abwehr isn’t full of idiots. – Commander, you let him go?
– Who? That brother-in-law of mine. – That smuggler? He was to stay put!
– He’s gone. Michal , come with me. And we’ll talk to that smuggler yet.
And l won’t miss you out. Assemble the men now. We have to
guard al l access points to the road. l’ll go out to meet Bartek. What are you doing here?
Get back to the cel lar. Give him something to eat. You’re going to eat? You think it’ll work, Kraut.
Don’t count on it. l’l l finish you off with this.
You’ll go to the devil tonight. You know where l got it from? A bastard like yourself, cop… Drunk, shooting kids like sparrows.
He’s eating dirt right now. Give a cigarette, will you? l don’t have any. l’d smoke myself. l have some here. Take them out. Go ahead shoot, why don’t you
shoot? Easy. Transmission’s in three minutes.
Take a pencil please. Write down what l say and encode. l’m starting.
J-23. – J-23?
– l have to trust you. l don’t have a choice.
Write please. J-23 demands, that the objective mentioned earlier… be bombed at the latest. .. in the night between Tuesday
and Wednesday. Absolutely necessary. Photographic material. .. relative to matter M. .. on the way. Quickly, if a hair falls
off his head. .. Come on. He got my gun,
how wil l l face the boys now? l’l l settle his lot. Okay, aunt Zuzanna understood. Tell Bartek,
l have to see him tomorrow, or rather today, at point 3.
lt’s about Filip. ls there any chance? – Better not to know. ..
– l’m sorry. l’l l tell Bartek. Give this back to Franek.
Tell him the German got away. And left it behind. l hope you didn’t hurt Franek. You needn’t worry. l left him
in a very comfortable position. Franek! l’m Bartek, you wanted
to talk to me. Like we said, three or four very
sharp lads. Details this evening. That’s in case they move Filip. And the one who wanted to get
rid of me, plus the boy.. . lt’s done. We’ll transfer them
somewhere else. And remember the contact with me. l don’t want to go looking for you
in the woods again ! See you tonight. Get moving, old girl . Yes, l understand. Come in! Not much can be salvaged
from the factory. – That engineer died.
– Shame, poor man. All because Soviet agents, devil knows since when, are working
under the Abwehr’s nose. And the Gestapo’s. What about the ones from
the dentist? They must’ve been warned,
no one got caught. Maybe you acted too soon? Should l have waited until he
sprang? We’ll squeeze it al l out of
him ! And if we don’t, they’ll do it
in Warsaw. We’re sending him today. – How did you find their trail?
– There is no.. .hasard, Kloss. Our agency just does a better
job than the Abwehr. My agent, Wolf, has been
tracking them for months. lf this Wolf knows only
about the dentist. .. Wolf’s stil l active,
and we aren’t idle either. We have to determine who Janek is. Come in! – Did he talk?
– Fanatic. You’re unduly stubborn Filipiak.
We know everything anyway. Your Janek gave you away. – No.
– You don’t believe me? Want me to show you Janek? But then it’ll be too late.
Then you’ll lose your last chance. Do you want me to bring him in? Go on, bring him in. – Bring him in.
– Take him away! – Hans, we’ll see each other tonight?
– l’l l drop by later. German officers reportedly
visited that dentist. lt’d be a good thing if you
checked which ones. Can’t your agent Wolf give you
their descriptions? l asked to see you, Lieutenant, because there’s a matter l’d like
to discuss in private. – Yes? lf l can only help. ..
– The matter is of course delicate. l can assure you it’ll remain
between the two of us. You heard about that dentist
Sokolnicki’s arrest? l did, what about it? ln his waiting-room they arrested
my relative, Jan Borecki. A modest, innocent man,
not mixed up in any politics. He had nothing to do with
that dentist. You must know that the Gestapo
handles such matters. Please ask Geibel or Brunner. But they’re your friends, they’l l
listen to you more easily. You’ve known them longer
than l have. My cousin would give up her whole
fortune to save her husband. A bribery attempt? l wouldn’t
have expected that from you. l have no alternative, but to leave
and inform Geibel of this
conversation. But Lieutenant.. .who’s talking
about bribery? l merely turned to you,
because those from the Gestapo. .. Even better. Are you insinuating that
the German police force is corrupt? God forbid, Lieutenant.
l never said that. l real ly don’t know
how to put this. l only wanted to help my cousin. Don’t leave, Lieutenant,
you’re to meet Brunner here. Alright, if you promise me that. .. Oberleutnant Kloss.
l wanted to enquire about my watch? lt’l l be ready as planned. Yes. – l understand.
– And? Everything’s alright. Give me Grzegorz. Grzegorz. Janek will deliver the potatoes. Plant
them in the clearing by the woods. Good luck. My friend Mr. Zajac, also a merchant.
This is Lieutenant Kloss. Mr. Zajac has a matter for
Sturmfuhrer Brunner, so l proposed he
wait. l’m delighted,
l like reasonable Poles. l’m happy the lieutenant
considers me reasonable. l think l’ve heard your name
somewhere before. That’s funny, because your face
also seems familiar. lt’s a small town after all . Before you gentlemen find your
mutual friends l’ll make coffee. – Thank you.
– Please sit down. l know. l remember where l saw you.. . and more than once. Just imagine,
we had the same dentist. Real ly? l don’t recall you. You didn’t pay attention to the
people in the waiting-room. ln any case, you always went in
ahead of line. Which is
understandable. l managed to heal my teeth. And you? So did l . Those whose treatment lasted longer,
were less fortunate. l’m sorry, l must go now. Already.
You wanted to wait for Brunner. l just remembered l have an urgent
matter to attend to. l think we’ll see each other again
quite soon, Lieutenant. – l’l l also have to say goodbye.
– Shame. Don’t fool around, come on ! Geibel’s busy tonight,
he won’t see you anyway. .. You’l l have time to tell him
your sensational news, but first, you have to
drink with us. Of course. You’l l have
the time, Mr. Zajac. Don’t make me laugh, Hans! Geibel really has a sense of humour
to call a rabbit, a wolf. – A rabbit, a wolf?
– Of course, this is Wolf. .. Why so sad, Hans? l need to drink
something before tomorrow’s talk. l wouldn’t wish my deadliest foe
a meeting with the Gruppenfuhrer. Al l the spots are covered. – Wojtek goes first!
– That’s right! So, Mr. Zajac. ..we’re pretending
to drink, are we? – Lieutenant, l’m not al lowed to. ..
– lf l say so, then you can. Down the hatch, and no cheating.. . Brunner, drink. .. Drink Zajac! Drink Wolf to your
sensational news! – l must go now.
– You won’t go anywhere. You won’t go anywhere.
Drink Zajac! Mr. Brunner. .. – l can’t any more.
– You can so, drink! – l have to see Geibel !
– What? Please take me outside.
This Kloss. .. – What about this Kloss?
– He’s.. . The swine! He could have spilled it on me. Can’t respect a German uniform ! l can’t watch a man being hit. lf someone else’s hitting him.
lrminka! Take me to the bathroom. What happened? What’s going on?
You’re always so calm, Lieutenant! What did you do to him? He’l l be alright. Three houses
from here, there’s a watch-maker. You’l l go there, knock three times,
and give this note. l don’t understand? We can gain a lot, or lose everything.
Jan Borecki too. You’ve got a nice little fist there. l’d have never suspected it of you. He’ll learn once and for all ,
not to insult a German uniform. Yes. And the fact,
that he works for you. Right. l never really trust anyone. Absolutely. Hands up! Don’t you understand? Higher.. . You should put something on. There isn’t a sorrier sight than a
German officer in his underwear. We saved our lives.
They only took our uniforms. You let them take them. Haupsturmfuhrer Brunner was very
brave. He even tried to shoot. She did it. She made fools of us al l.
And who would have suspected. lrmina Kobus…


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