Mother Can’t Afford Food for Her Child | Social Experiment 当一位贫穷母亲无法为女儿买汉堡……

Baby, it‘s too expensive. Let’s not eat it, shall we? Don’t worry. It’s my treat. Which combo do you want? When a cash-strapped mother can’t afford a hamburger for her daughter… What do you want to eat? I want a hamburger. How much is the cheapest hamburger? 13 yuan. I haven’t eaten it before, so I don’t know it is so expensive. How about eating something else. It’s too expensive. I want to eat a hamburger…mom You see the hamburger is too small. May I order first? I’m sorry. Mom… Maybe we can eat it some other time, not today. Fine… Don’t worry. It’s my treat. Which combo do you want? Which one would you like to eat? You don’t need…. Don’t worry. I just want a hamburger, only one… Get her a hamburger please. Which one do you prefer? (The girl waved her hands to refuse.) It doesn’t matter. Children all like hamburgers. Get the little girl a hamburger please. You don’t need to do it, sister. I feel bad. Don’t worry about it. She want to eat it, so I order one for her. Would you like this “happy meal”? Thank you so much. We come here during her winter vacation. I don’t know it’s so expensive. Never mind. I’ll get this for the girl. We all have children. I’ll treat her to what she wants to eat. Thank you so much. It doesn’t matter, choose one you like. Just the cheapest one. Don’t worry, how about the same which I ordered for my children? Thank you. You’re welcome. Is this your first time to Qingdao? My child had never been here before, so we came here. I didn’t know it was so expensive. We can’t afford it. It doesn’t matter. Try this first. Say thank you. Thank you madam. No worries. Thank you. Don’t mention it. Sit there and wait for your meal. Your girl will like it. Thank you. Not at all. I’ve changed a big one for you, and I got you another pie. This is all I can do for you. Thank you. Thank you. Don’t mention it. Try it this time and eat something else next time. Here is your meal, Mrs. Thank you Madam. You’re welcome, enjoy it. Thank you so much! Have a good meal. We all have children. Thank you. Never mind. I understand you. Welcome to QingDao! Love makes the winter no longer cold.


  1. Nothing remains forever,India stands with China against Covid ,no worries
    Chinese are noble & gentle ,we love you

  2. Wherever you are in the world….please stop stockpiling and hoarding so we don't have shortages of food and toilet paper. Its getting ridiculous and causing a lot of problems.

  3. I watched each and every videos from this channel. It always touches my heart 💓 . That’s why i like chinese people.🥰🥰🥰

  4. Why are they so kind❤
    I wonder Why people stilll bling Chinese for Corona virus?
    Corona virus wasn't started BC of Chinese so stop blaming people.
    Idk why lots of people talking back about this kind people.
    This video is so heart warming.
    I wish people stop blaming them for the virus.
    Cheer up💜

  5. I subscribed yesterday … Because all your social experiments are so interesting … It really touches my heart ..♥️

  6. Sorry to say this but I don't think that someone in America would do this, they would laugh that we don't have money and I know that because it once happend when I was 5 and it was painful

  7. the struggle of a mama is very big, even we cannot reciprocate. Mom is even willing to give her soul to her child.

  8. Los subtítulos en español ya están disponibles!!! Intentare traducir otros videos, me gustaría que más personas encontraran este canal en momentos tan difíciles como este <33



  9. The lady behind the counter who helped them change to large and gave a pie tho is no one talking about how kind is it of her to do what she can😤😌✨🙏🌻🌻💞

  10. people are stealing toilet paper so they can make a paper noose to hang themselves on when corona ends that world

  11. My sister child wants everything. She a selfish brat. She tries to get 14.99 USD toy from my mom. My sister dosen't buy her own food so she takes ours instead. She 23 or 25. She quit school and has a 3 year old child and now went to get a job. Earning 2k USD per 2 week. Buying a 2019 car cost 400 per month. Saying she doesn't have money and she doesn't take care of her child. Dosen't clean her dishes. She goes late night. Cruel world.

  12. I don’t know why I always watch these videos they either make me want to cry, tear up, or just full on cry 😭 can’t wait for more videos though 😭👏

  13. It makes my heart warm and happy.This gives me so much positivity,And it proves people will try telling you there are no more good people in the world

  14. I was seeing some videos of this channel and i love it, greetings from Argentina!!! new suscriptor!!
    Hacen experimentos re lindos😱

  15. i want to know the person who paid for their food, do you paid them back ? do you give them the food back or give it to someone else in need ?

  16. I don’t understand why people have to get a load of toilet paper I mean why don’t they use bum guns it’s easier

  17. Sobbing my heart out watching this. Whilst the world is turned upside down, there are kind people out there x

  18. Tried this at my closest mcdonalds with my kid, both the fat woman behind me and the cashier got very mad because i took so long time, then they kicked us out. Welcome to America .

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