Mother Releases Heartbreaking Video Of Bullied Son With Dwarfism

An australian mother posted a heartbreaking
video of her son Quaden hysterically crying in her car after she witnessed him being bullied
at school. Let me just tell you that I cannot even look at this boy’s face without tearing
up, and I’m about to hop on this anti bullying train right now on IO. What is good, welcome back to informoverload,
we tell you about the most interesting news stories we find on the internet. I’m charlotte
dobre and I was bullied throughout my whole life. Elementary school, middle school, high
school. All the way up to university. I never brought the bullying upon myself. I tried
to sympathize with the kids who harassed me, maybe they had a terrible home life and they
were taking out their pain on others, mainly me. But there is absolutely no excuse to treat
others with disrespect. Subscribe to this channel for a different take on the news and
follow the IO team on social media. Yarraka Bayles lives in Brisbane australia,
and she says when she went to pick her 9 year old son Quaden from school, she saw another
student patting her son Quaden on the head and making fun of his height. She started
a facebook live session Quaden has dwarfism. In the 7 minute long video, Quaden says that
the constant bullying has made him not want to live anymore, and his mother says that
he already attempted suicide once. Quaden has already had a very difficult life. He
was born with a condition called achondroplasia dwarfism. He’s underwent several operations
because of his condition. Quaden and his mother are also aboriginal australian. I’ve just picked up m y son from school,
witnessed a bullying episode. Rang the principal and i want people to know, parents, educators,
teachers, this is the effect that bullying has. Every single day, something happens.
Another episode another bullying another taunt. Another name calling, can you please educate
your children, your families, your friends. Editors show quote 1. But the good news is, People arent total dickheads!
The video of Quaden absolutely exploded. It has over 20 million views right now and the
entire world seems to be rallying to help. The hashtag we stand with quaden is trending.
A ton of high profile people saw the video of Quaden and are spreading the anti bullying
message. Hugh Jackman posted this video to twitter. Editors show the video Well said. Parents are also posting videos of their children
sending messages of support to quaden. Roll it. How
amazing is that guys? My heart was broken and glued back together again within the span
of the hour i took to write this story. A go Fund me page has also been set up by
comedian Brad Williams, so far its raised more than 233 thousand dollars and the money
is being used to send Quaden and his mother to Disneyland in california. Editors show
gofundme. With that amount of money Quaden and his mother can practically live at disneyland. On behalf of IO, our hearts go out to quaden,
his mother, and anyone else who has struggled with being bullied. Know that you have a friend
in us and we will always be here to make you smile. Thats it for me, and thanks for watching

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