Top 5 Most Uncomfortable Movies About Mother Son Affair

Top 5 most uncomfortable movies about mother son affair In this video i would like to introduce the most uncomfortable movies about mother son affair. There are so many movies that describe affairs between mother and son. These are not everyone’s cup of tea. Actually we didn’t know what inside the movie before watching it, so i share some of those movies for the safety before watching it. In the 5th position i introduce 2010 movie Womb It is a science-fiction drama, When Thomas dies suddenly, Rebecca struggles to live in a world without him. Consumed by desperation, she even contemplates the idea of cloning. Can she bring Thomas back once more, and will she be able to live with the consequences if she does? Next choice is Moebius released in 2013 It is a South Korean horror drama film about a woman, driven mad by her husband’s infidelity, castrates her son. After moebius i choose Malicious released in 1973 Malicious or Malizia is an Italian fantasy film. A recent widower and his growing boys lust for their new housekeeper, who became their step mother in 1950s Sicily. In the 2nd position 1979 movie Luna La Luna, also known as Luna, is an Italian film. Teenager Joe Silveri has a troubled relationship with his mother, Caterina a renowned opera singer, and her husband, Douglas Winter. After Douglas commits suicide, Caterina moves to Rome to join an opera tour, taking Joe with her. Finally the choice is Murmur of the Heart released in 1971. It is a French drama film. In the end of the first Indochina War an open-minded teenage boy finds himself between the urge to discover love and the ever-present, dominating affection of his mother. Here end the first part of the warning video about top 5 most uncomfortable movies about mother son affair. Please comment your opinions and thank you for watching.

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