Valentine’s Day LIFE HACKS | Anaysa

Tell me what’s the capital of Istanbul? what an amazing hack you’ll enjoy so many Valentine’s Hacks in this video must watch video till the very end as you’ll enjoy it a lot Did you have Lunch?? Babu.. yeah Babuji is sleeping after done with Lunch ok tell where are you my kid?? you don’t know about your own kid..why’re you asking to me?:-))) Don’t be so smart Are you Ok?? why are you speaking like your father? Yes..this is his father speaking….:-)) who’s she?? my son don’t know who’s speaking..take this call I was saying..Can I come without makeup today? listen my friends are coming in the party.. hope you understand so there’s only one thing No Makeup Look so for no makeup look I’ve applied primer, foundation, mascara, lipstick & highlighter & done You’re looking gorgeous today this is the magic of no makeup look I’ll always with you look at her… how much she is busy in all these decorations…. found someone? no my dear.. so thought to do all it alone by the way it can also be arranged if you’ll come in party with us get ready fast..i’ve already arranged for the passes No I don’t but what has happened suddenly but its too cold …how can I do waxing in this much cold… I know you never get caught up in all these Parlour’s hassels So here we’ve this Venus for you so go fast and be ready but how to use it first make your hand & legs wet and then apply the soap Now glide this Venus in opposite to the direction of your hair growth

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